Who are we?

Who is CulturistiQ

CulturistiQ Lab Consulting & Creation was founded in 2016 by Delphine YAGÜE.
Using a combined historical and marketing approach and based on her experience of the world of books, sustainable tourism and her multicultural profile (Ivory Coast, Israel, Spain), Delphine YAGÜE reviews your tourist projects with curiosity and passion to give them a coherent and innovative identity.
She combines know-how, efficiency, pedagogy and authenticity to highlight their personality and adapt them to your clients.
Delphine YAGÜE proposes solutions to promote and organise your projects, based on cooperation and creativity for high added value.

Our fields of expertise

History & Societies
Heritage & Architecture
Cultural & Sustainable Tourism
Transmission & Popularisation of Jewish Culture
Book-related Professions

Services we offer :

Consulting & Training
Museopgraphy & Creation of Content
Digital & Pedagogical Tools
Tourist Itineraries & Cultural Mediation
Project Management
Strategic & Operational Marketing , Communication, Press Relations